AXE Chickipedia – Never Happy Girlfriend – Ep 14

What makes your girlfriend happy? Nothing!!!! and you cant even understand why? Watch this episode of AXE Chickipedia where we tell you more about girlfriends who do not stop complaining and comparing you to other people and makes you feel like nothing. Even if you are her current boyfriend, her ex – boyfriends will always come back to haunt you in conversations. Now that you have seen all the things women can do to make you feel bad, you should LIKE and SHARE this video with your friends. AXE Chickiquote – The only comfort about being a woman is that one can always pretend to be more stupid than one is and no one would be surprised. AXE Chicktionary – Break ups (noun) – If its good its wonderful, if its bad its experience and its freedom you will never regret! LIKE and SHARE this video with your friends if you relate to it and have also experienced never happy girlfriends. If you have anything to add our Never Happy Girlfriend episode, feel free to put your comment in the “COMMENTS” section, and we will definitely get back to you! Subscribe to www.youtube.com now for the latest updates on Bindass AXE Chickipedia so that you can Learn More and Suffer Less! Follow us on www.facebook.com www.facebook.com
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  1. riya sharma says:

    oho..good job…but really not always true that a girl can never be happy…if u love her? by heart then she always be yours with a cute smile…

  2. Pankaj Verma says:

    Beautifully written, acted and edited show. It? was pleasure watching your episodes

  3. farhadcool22 says:

    its a fucking rocking show and she is fucking hot and fuckin natural actress and they make a fucking good pair.i laugh my fucking? ass out

  4. MoonPrincess82 says:

    The girl’s acting is? very over the top… The guy’s cute :p

  5. mujtabaa says:

    I dont know in vich criteria my ex gf wud go but she used wait for d day wen my dad wud send me my pocket n d same day she wud take me to d market saying we’d shop for n ended up findin nthing good in market for me but bags full of stuff for her. And wen I askd her bout marrying me she’d say d day i buy my? own jaguar she’l hav no problm marryin……i kicked her out of my life after sum months…..

  6. Arslaan Hashmi says:

    Episode? 15??????????

  7. Neil Sharma says:

    axe chickipedia ka episode? no.15 kab upload hoga i m eagerly waiting…

  8. bindass says:

    Thank you for sharing with us your personal story Vipul Singhal,

    Stay tuned for more AXE? Chickipedia

  9. bindass says:

    Thank you CBNNNNN,

    We will get your message across.
    LIKE and SHARE our videos? of AXE Chickipedia!

  10. bindass says:

    Thank you Messi Abhishek Ekka,

    We will definitely consider your idea for? our upcoming episodes of AXE Chickipedia so STAY TUNED!

  11. Messi Abhishek Ekka says:

    Then She’ll take a 20-30 mins to decide and after wasting soo much? time , she gets out of the store buying NOTHING!!

    I know what all i said is a bit confusing..!! Its hard to explain… but i guess u all wud understand what m talking about!

  12. Messi Abhishek Ekka says:

    I’ll get another topic in the light
    Y such a thing known as “SHOPPING” ever occur

    Man!! Shopping with Girls is such a pain in the ass!
    Its always like this , which happens with me a lot. A girl took me shopping with? her. She wud then go to a store, then look for a tee or something of herself and then asks me how is it. I tell her its good. She likes it too, but then after looking at more tees she gets confused ,also likes all of them, and is finally Back to square one!!!

  13. Gary Saini says:

    Well, it depends on what you mean by prior. Are you trying to say never get into? a relationship until you’re married, or in a certain time frame (engagement) before marriage?

  14. SketchLimo says:


  15. Vipul Singhal says:

    HAHAHA….so true with some of them….but the real dangerous one is the Shakee one. Whatever you do…woh tum pe hamesha shak? karegi. Related to your childhood friends, school friends, your colleagues everyone. She always thinks that you are always cheating and hitting on other girls. Extreme cases of this are real nightmare. Have gone through with my Ex.

  16. bindass says:

    Hi christy14141,

    I am not the guy playing the boyfriend, His name is Tahir. Hope that helps :)

    Also? stay tuned for our upcoming episodes!!

  17. bindass says:

    Thank you for your positive feedback,

    Stay tuned for more? AXE Chickipedia

  18. christy14141 says:

    ohh thank you so much…that really helps :)…hey so? are you the guy playing the boyfriend? ive always wondered that

  19. sweetpink too says:

    love the show? and love u nafisa mam

  20. arindamrockstar says:

    u ? rock!!!!!!

  21. arindamrockstar says:

    nafisa sharma u r soo expressive amazing work in all the episodes ….keep it cuming …..i wannna c? more work

  22. arindamrockstar says:

    ? nafisa sharma u r soo expressive amazing work in all the episodes ….keep it cuming …..i wannna c more work ……

  23. bindass says:

    Hi jasipra,

    That’s an interesting way to look at relationships. Keep commenting and? liking our videos of AXE Chickipedia.

  24. bindass says:

    Thank you Sasha Aldo for your input,
    We? will definitely consider featuring your ideas? in our upcoming episodes!
    LIKE and SHARE our videos of AXE Chickipedia

  25. bindass says:

    Hi prayas don,

    We would? love to hear your input on ideas about relationships!

    LIKE and SHARE this video if you can relate to it

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