Excel 2003: How to score well on an excel assessment test

This is a 2003 excel tutorial on how to score well on an excel assessment test. These tests are given by recruiters or job placement agencies so it’s necessary to score as high as possible. 1 Create a thin border around the selected cells :50 2 Use the average function to calculate the average sales for each row 1:20 3 Format the data range as currency 2:00 4 Change the alignment for column “B” to right 2:27 5 Wrap the text in cell B6 2:54 6 Enter the formula that will calculate the total sales for the first 3 months of year 3:25 7 Save the active workbook 4:11 8 Change the label of cell G8 from total to 1st Qtr 4:25 9 Insert a row at row 9 4:46 10 Perform the commands to center the active sheet both horizontally & vertically 5:04 11 W/O using drag & drop cut the contents from cell E9 and paste it in H9 5:35 12 Change the orientation of the worksheet from portrait to landscape 6:12 13 Insert a new worksheet 6:31 14 Check the spelling of the active worksheet 6:44 15 Create a chart from the selected range of cells 7:22 16 Setup the worksheet so that it will print on one page 8:00 17 Rename sheet 1 as 2003 sheet 8:34 18 Change the width of column B so the contents fit within the column 8:50 19 Copy and paste the contents of cell B17 into cell B2 9:15 20 Insert a column to the left of column F 9:54 21 Make a copy of sample book 7 in the A: directory 10:11 22 Add footer “Page 1″ Do not use custom footer. 10:46 23 Select cells C9:E16 11:10 24 Open the excel workbook sample book
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  1. Arthur webb says:

    Thank you, this was? a helpful refresher.

  2. Matt Pridemore says:

    Awesome refreshment video? for me. Thanks Bud!

  3. hardcoreracing says:

    I’m working on one for 2007 then after? that I’ll have to see if I can do 2010.

  4. MIANY8 says:

    I wish you had this? for excel 2010

  5. rahul hasan says:

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  6. supergranddiva says:

    Great video!!!!!? Thank you sooooo much for taking the time to post this it is a great refresher especially for those that already use excel but when taking a test the questions may throw some of us off

  7. SneakyB3av3r says:

    Wow, after watching this,? I really EXCELLED at this program:P

  8. BrokenCrayonStudios says:

    Awesome refresher! Thanks! :D?

  9. hardcoreracing says:

    Just finished it. ? Under the description just click “Show More”

  10. hardcoreracing says:

    That’s a great? idea. Let me see what i can do.

  11. PaKeTeMaTe18 says:

    You should write the questions, and? the minute where they are, so we can look for them in the video, that would make this video PERFECT, Thank you anyways, excelent!!!!!!!!! TY!!!!!!! (note if u dont want to, ITS OK! haha)

  12. seriousman99 says:

    can you please make a video for Excel 2010? I’m going to be taking the MOS Certification exam soon and i want to? get a good score.

  13. Sata Sdata says:

    There is a problem with the section that requires printing to one page (approx 8:20). You have select to print only one page. That is? different than printing all to one page. You should enter page setup- page- fit to 1page wide by 1page tall. That will shrink/print all to one page.

  14. morbidc says:

    Hello Erikosan84. I’m so encouraged by what you wrote that I’m curious to know how helpful this video was to you? I’ve tape recorded this entire lesson, and more or less committed it to memory for an upcoming test that I have in? Microsoft Excel 2003. Please do respond when you have a moment. Thank you.

  15. morbidc says:

    Good evening Hardcoreracing. A potential employer will soon be testing my proficiency in Microsoft Excel 2003. In preparation for this test, I’ve tape recorded both your test questions? and explanations, as I listen to them each day and quiz myself. If you don’t mind me asking, how closely does the actual test itself resemble your video and do you think I’m doing the right thing? I hope to hear back from you soon.

  16. Foxyjovita77 says:

    Thank u i need one? for word

  17. Redhedwig says:

    I sure wish you had one of these for? Word!

  18. hardcoreracing says:

    Good Luck! I also have tutorial? videos on the access and outlook assessment tests.

  19. mteliapo says:

    thank you? for this video! I’ll let you know how my assessment test goes! :P very informative video

  20. hardcoreracing says:

    I understand what you’re saying and in theory you are correct. If you notice on my spreadsheet I have not filled in anything in the total line, that is due to the fact that in the actual test you do not have the total line at all. The spreadsheet I am using is not the exact same one you? will see on the assessment test. The concept is the same but mine has been modifed to avoid copyright infringement. So what I’m saying is that the actual assessment test won’t have the total line at all.

  21. hardcoreracing says:

    Not yet, got one for microsoft access, and? working on one for outlook.

  22. rjb5819 says:

    Do you have a video for word.? This was very helpful

  23. hardcoreracing says:

    Congrats! I have one for access as well for your next promotion!?

  24. erikosan84 says:

    thank you thank you? thank you. I just pulled a 93% on an excel test for a much needed job :)

  25. hardcoreracing says:

    best way is subscribe? to my channel and send me a pm.

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